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Guru Tribute By His Nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff

A Guru Tribute, written & narrated by Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff….Created & Produced by Matt Berdan.


Exclusive: Fat Joe – I’m Gone CDQ

Here is it folks, crazy track by Fat Joe & DJ Premier. Off Fat Joe’s “The Darkside Vol. 1” dropping July 27th. D.I.T.C. For Ever, Gang Starr For Ever. DJPremierBlog exclusive, enjoy:

Fat Joe – I’m Gone | MIRROR

Recorded on the day Guru died, rip.

Capone-N-Noreaga On Making “Invincible”

Noreaga: “We was starving to work with Premier. We was so starving to work with him that I think we paid him all his money up front. He was like, ‘I want this amount.’ We were like, ‘Here!’ And this is the first time we paid somebody up front. And it’s the first time we ever waited. Premier had us waiting for a good four to six months. To this day, Premier doesn’t give out beat CDs. If he makes a beat, then he makes it deliberately for you. It’s not like if you don’t want it, Nas or Mobb Deep could get it. Nah, if you don’t like it then it gets erased.

“The crazy thing was I remember Premier telling us that his little brother was like the biggest CNN fan, so I guess we had an advantage because at this time Premier was as hot as fish grease. He was the hottest thing on the market so he had a waiting list like the welfare line. We didn’t even get on the phone with him. He just got the money. I remember right before he actually gave us the beat we was going to ask for our money back. We were like, ‘This is ridiculous, you got us waiting for too long.’

“But then he told us to come to the studio. He was in the studio with us and he played us three or four bangers and was like, ‘Oh, we like it.’ And he was like, ‘Nah you don’t like it.’ And he erased the shit right in our face! I mean three of four times. If he was playing the beat and we didn’t go ‘Whooo!’ and were just like ‘Yeah, this is good.’ I swear to you, he erased the shit right in front of our face if he didn’t get the reaction he wanted. When he played the beat he wanted us to jump up in the air and be like, ‘Whoo!’

“He had the skeleton for ‘Invincible’ but he didn’t have it all and he had a few other choices. And obviously when he played ‘Invincible,’ we was like, ‘This is it!’ We was at D&D studios, he would step out for a minute. We stepped out. And he put the touches on there and we came back and it was done. We were like, ’Finally!’ We wrote our verses right then and there on the spot.

“The first line that comes, ’Yo Melvin Flynt drop, my whole collasso stop/I can’t believe I fucked up and made a half-ass album/My excuse is, my pops just died, and I ain’t wanna make music/My pops just died.’ Well, it was so much on my mind and I wanted to be honest with the fans. It wasn’t even about dissing my last project, or dissing myself, it was just about being honest. That’s just how I felt and it was so much on my mind, it wrote itself. Premier played the beat, I sat there and wrote the rhymes, and I was like, “Let me get this shit off my chest.” What better way to get it off my chest then a Premier beat? I was lucky enough for the world to feel that.

“But you see Eminem took my shit, right? Eminem just said, ‘Let’s be honest, that Relapse album was ehhh.’ I’m like, “Yo, I respect you, Eminem, but you know where you got that from.” [Laughs.] There’s never been another rapper on planet Earth that dissed himself. I was the first person to do it. It was just something that was on my mind the same way it was probably on Em’s mind. You throw out a product that you’re not proud of. And you know at the end of the day, you have a job to promote it, you have a job to try and sell it. But deep down inside you wasn’t 100% feeling it.

“At the same time, people come up to me like, ’Melvin Flynt is your best album, nigga!’ And I don’t argue with them. But it wasn’t about the material for me, it was about my heart not being in it. To this day, when I walk down the street, people will just drive up and be like, ’Yo! Melvin Flynt is your best album!’ And then get in their car and roll off. Like there are people who take it personal with me! But I was just being honest, something I thought I owed the fans. Something I thought I owed myself.”

Capone: “Premier was basically our homeboy. That was years in the making. Premier wanted to be on The War Report. But when we was recording The War Report, we couldn’t afford him. When it was time to do it and things was right, it was time to do it. But getting Primo was hard because he had a million projects he was working on at that time. But he came to the table. Primo is never going to send you a bunch of beats, he’s going to send you one beat and you’re going to run with it. And when we got that one beat it was like, ‘Yes!’

“We was recording in D&D a lot so we had to see Primo. I remember it being grimy because it was D&D. At D&D you don’t sit on certain chairs, all the walls [got] graffiti, it’s roaches everywhere. It’s foul! It’s the foulest studio you can record in but it has the best sound.

“I like to write about a lot of shit I see. [That’s why you hear,] ‘For my niggas in the bridge, with the $50 dollar Panasonics on the black gates.’ Back then tapes was the shit, there wasn’t no CD players. They had these little black Panasonics that was like $50 dollars. QB and most hoods in NYC had these little black gates. And these little black gates, the radio handle fits perfectly over three of the top parts of the black gate. So your radio sits there all day, you don’t even got to put it on the floor, you can just chill on the bench and have your radio on the gate and just ride it out all day. That’s where I came up with the Panasonics on the black gates. If you go to any hood right now you’ll find somebody with a radio on the gate. It might not be the same old black Panasonic, because they got mp3s and CDs and all types of shit now. But back then, that $50 dollar Panasonic was the shit. And if you was a real hood nigga, you already know that that radio was so easy to take apart and put together, so a lot of people was hiding they work in there. And I don’t mean they 9-5.”


Live From HeadQCourterz (07/16/2010)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (07/16/2010)

Happy Birthday Keith “Guru” Elam; Gang Starr Live @ Dream Factory, Latvia

Happy Birthday Guru

July 17, 1961 – April 19, 2010

Download link below, for better quality

Gang Starr Live @ Dream Factory, Latvia


Greg Nice Talks about 2Pac & DJ Premier

Greg Nice: He said my rhymes from “Funky For You.” Look at Poetic Justice. There’s this room where [2Pac’s character’s cousin] has the equipment at. Look at the wall, over the bed: there’s a poster of me and Smooth. I was on the soundtrack for that movie too. I got four other records that haven’t even come out, that I’m on with [2Pac].

DX: From One Nation?

Greg Nice: Yep. All of that One Nation, I brought everybody. Everybody he wanted to see, I’m like, “You want [DJ] Premier to come up with you?” [2Pac] was like, “What? Hell yeah!” I called ‘Preme. [He was like], “Hell yeah!” I called Fat Joe. “Hell yeah!” Buckshot and [the Bootcamp Clik], “Hell yeah!” Everybody started comin’.

DX: All those names you just mentioned, were they able to come out?

Greg Nice: Yeah. The only who didn’t come was Joe.

DX: So Premier and 2Pac actually had the opportunity to work together?

Greg Nice: Yeah, and [DJ Premier] loved [2Pac] as well. To the point where that’s all he talks about. “Man, 2Pac came to my fuckin’ house!” Showbiz too, “Greg brought 2Pac to my living-room, man, sittin’ with me, chillin’.”

DX: I have to tell you, Greg, that’s a crazy story, man. I’m glowing, man. Nobody knows this. You worked on those four records. Do you personally want to see them release, or are they better left to mystery and memory?

Greg Nice: It depends on how it sounds. It depends on how it’s mixed. I assume, if it were to be mixed, it’d be mixed with a different flavor now. It would be a whole new sound. One is actually on this Pac’s Life [release] that they did. One of those songs [“International”], I got the publishing credit on the record, ‘cause they took different inserts of records we did and made that one song. They put [Nipsey Hussle and Young Dre The Truth] on there, rappin’. [Afeni Shakur] sent me the paperwork, saying, “My son would’ve wanted his friends to get that money. I want to take care of it the right way.” That’s what she did.

Source: HipHopDX

I recommend you to read the full interview, very nice.

Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld II (Feat. DJ Rhettmatic) (Produced by Leaf) (Video)

You can’t fuck with Preems version but me likes…

WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Penalty Records Promo Mix (Fall 1995)

DJ Premier – Penalty Records Promo Mix (Fall 1995)
Sorry for the delay…

Bun B – Let ‘Em Know (Final Version)

Here is the final version of Bun B’s track with DJ Premier. The shootings for the clip are recently finished. R.I.P. Pimp C & Guru !!

Bun B – Let ‘Em Know (Final Version)

Nick Javas – Warning Track (DJ Premier Remix) (R.I.P. George “The Boss” Steinbrenner)

Year Round Records paying homage to MLB Baseball. Dope remix by DJ Premier, and you get the lyrics for free:

Miss Hip Hop came along and I remember
Like it was yesterday, how could I ever forget her
It was right around the time of the 18th letter
I was wearin a BRONX BOMBER when I NEW YORK MET her
If I had her phone number I’da RANGER
Or sent a couple TEXAS hopin she get the message
Let her know that there’s nobody as bad as her
SEATTLE get you focused when you’re planning on MARINER
And then came the school days In the park in the dark, like Toronto we BLUE JAYS
Ahh to be a kid again
Just get high and listen to the tribe like the INDIANS
Got more pot from our WHITE SOX
Made a short stop, then we’re JIMMY ROLLIN PHILLIES
Then the rhyming started
And you already know, being a FLO-RIDA,  MARLIN (I’m all in)
Munchies settin in, so of course you know
If I ran out of cookies, I just BALTIMORE ORIOLES (Bought more Oreos)
You know how the story goes
One word will make the paranoia grow
When somebody says “cops”
Without lookin I’m booking until my feet bleed, Fuckin RED SOX
Runnin like I saw a GREEN MONSTER,
Nosey mother waiting at home to catch me, had to DODGER
So to pass time I combined the sprite with the gin
Mixed in with MINNESOTA like a TWIN
Took it all to the dome
Then I had a BREWER maybe two and MILWAUKEE my ass home
Woke up in the morn’,  sun shinin on my face like DEVIL RAYS
So I thought I better pray
To ST. LOUIS , consuming all the Dewar’s hard gin
Just seemed like a CARDINAL SIN
CINNATTI RED bloodshot eyes
Feelin like I just died, I musta had an ANGEL ANAHEIM
Lick maneuver or a liquor remover because I may
Have to explain this puddle of puke to PADRE
So I say, “dad it was hairy as my PITTS
BURGlars and murderers broke in like PIRATES
And they punched me in the stomach
Took my pinky ring, I asked for the DIAMONDBACK but they were hearing nothing of it
And I’m BRAVE like ATLANTA , but these guys were GIANTS and NATS
The reason why I didn’t try and attack
Then I guess just from seeing me stressed
He laughed and said, son like CHICAGO, I C.U.B.S.
At that point in my life, the road was ROCKY
Like COLORADO, but I gotta flow that’s pretty cocky
Leavin’ you stunned and i can’t go back,
I’ve got my mind on my star like an ASTROS cap
Went from being a broke fan
To realizing on a track, I’m more ATHLETIC than OAKLAND
Fitted with A’s since the ritalin days I spit it with rage, ur just Nicolas Cage
And Nicholas’ cage couldn’t hold the eye of the TIGER
Like I was from the city of Shady and 5 Niner
Too live for the minors,
Earned many stripes by burnin plenty of mics, see cuz I’m a survivor
Avoided more shit than toilet seats
Now I collect ROYAL-tees like I’m loyal to K.C.

Thank you Preem and Nick, enjoy:

Nick Javas – Warning Track (DJ Premier Remix) | MIRROR